Valley of the Five Lakes

The Valley of the Five Lakes is a moderate hike in Jasper National Park. The trail makes a loop passing by five uniquely coloured blue-green lakes.

Athabasca Falls

One of the most scenic waterfalls in North America and the most powerful in the Canadian Rockies.

Beauty Creek

A family friendly hike in a world full of canyons and waterfalls.

Icefield Centre

A great place to learn all about Jasper National Park and the wonder that is the Columbia Icefield. It’s a great stop on any Canadian Rockies vacation, and perfect for anyone, especially families.

99.99997% of

Jasper National Park’s

10,880 square kilometers of land will not be affected by this trail.

An environmentally friendly

Multi-use trail

that would run parallel to the Icefields Parkway while making use of existing disturbed areas, like other trails and old paved roads.

The proposed project includes

no commercial interests


A stringent and proven

environmental review

 process previously reviewed by the Office of the Auditor General is in place to ensure National Parks are protected.