Make the world’s most scenic recreational path a reality!


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Parks Canada is exploring the creation of an environmentally-friendly bike and walking pathway from the Columbia Icefield to Jasper. Contact the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to offer your support.


Send an email to show your support to Environment & Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna and Parks Canada CEO, Daniel Watson. Help make the Icefields Trail North the most awe-inspiring recreational path in the world – and an enduring legacy to Canada’s 150th

Sample messaging you may wish to use as part of a personal email to Environment & Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna:

As Canadians celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday – and you have encouraged more Canadians to connect with Nature – I urge you to ensure that Parks Canada delivers on your Government’s Budget 2016 commitment related to a new biking and walking trail in Jasper National Park. This is truly a unique opportunity to implement the most scenic cycling path in the world in an environmentally-friendly way, based on lessons learned by Parks Canada through the numerous cycling trails that currently exists in other National Parks. It would also be an incentive for average Canadians to leave their cars behind and experience the world renowned Icefields Parkway by immersing themselves in a dramatic landscape in a way that inspires them to protect our National Parks.

NOTE: Please be specific with your comments and avoid inflammatory or inaccurate statements as this undermines the credibility of your message.  It also adds weight to your message if you identify yourself by full name, city, address and postal code.